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Put your drone to work and deliver perfect data to your customers today, hassle-free.

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What’s New at Skycatch

Your information will never be shared or sold to 3rd parties. After the beta Period is over, you will be contacted to confirm that you still wish to continue into the paid period.

Easy Web Interface

No coding or configuration required


Get 1 cm accuracy

(and we support GCPs!)

Full Service

You provide the photos, we take care of the rest

Free Beta

Start today for free access


Private Dashboard Access

2D + 3D Output

Overlays of any PDF, DWG, DXF

Quick Processing Turnaround

Secure Collaboration - no file emailing

Fly with any drone!

Complementary Pilot Directory Listing

Annotations & Map Markup

Per Map Pricing

Options for Data Export (PDF, LAS, TIFF)

Deliver aerial maps, fast and simple

WORKMODE takes your photos and transforms them into 3D models and 2D maps using photogrammetry and proprietary Skycatch commercial mapping software tools. Now creating perfect maps is simple: collect drone data, feed into WORKMODE dashboard, and share it with your clients. 

Pricing Plans

 *free during Beta
View 2D Map & 3D Model in Browser
Private User Logins
Multiple User Collaboration
Up to 1cm Resolution
Export Data (PDF, LAS, TIF)
Guaranteed 24h Data Turnaround (max 800 photos)
Includes 3 seats (addt'l: $25/ea/month)
Email Support
*free during Beta
Features from Basic plan, plus:
2D Change Detection
Overlay any PDF, DXF, DWG
Digital Terrain Model (Object/Veg Removal)
Includes 10 seats (addt'l: $35/ea/month)
In-App Chat
No charges will be applied without a secondary authorization when we transition out of Beta


I am already a WORKMODE user – do I need to do anything to switch my account over to WORKMODE 2.0?

Yes, but we’ve made it really easy. Simply sign up for one of the subscription plans on this page to transition to the new WORKMODE. We will contact you when the private beta begins!

What is changing about WORKMODE?

The biggest change is that we have made it much easier to use the Skycatch software. Previously we required pilots to complete a test and certification map. Now, you can sign up, collect drone data, feed this data into the WORKMODE dashboard, and share the processed maps with your clients on the same dashboard.

Do I still need to do a Certification map and/or test?

No, WORKMODE has changed its requirements and focus. Now creating perfect maps is simple: collect drone data, feed into WORKMODE 2.0 dashboard, and share it with your clients.

Will you send clients to me?

Not exactly. WORKMODE will now put you in front of new clients. You have the opportunity to be listed in our Pilot Directory where clients can search and find you!

Sometimes, Skycatch customers and partners often need an additional pilot to fly routine flights on site. When such opportunities arise, we will reach out to the WORKMODE fleet, aka you.

How do I add my own logo to the dashboard?

Reach out to the Skycatch team using the in-app messaging, located in the speech bubble icon in the lower right-hand corner of the page. Upload your PNG logo. Use a translucent background for the best results.

Have more questions? Check out our extended FAQs.